Social Media: blessing or curse?

Can you believe how  much social media has changed over the years? I can still remember sitting in my college dorm (ahem...a few years ago) and talking to friends via AOL. It was convenient, easy and fun. Everyone was doing it too. Then came Facebook and soon all of the other social media accesses followed. … Continue reading Social Media: blessing or curse?


The Value of Relationships

Relationships are probably the most important thing in our lives. If you're a Christian, you would say your relationship with God is first. If you're not a Christian, you would likely say the people in your life are most important. If you think about it, without relationships life would be pretty boring. We would be … Continue reading The Value of Relationships

When You Feel DONE. — ashley wright, therapist

Do you ever get to “that point” where you are just DONE? I know I’ve been there multiple times. Whether it was because I hadn’t had a vacation from work in months or I was feeling worn-out from trying to mend a relationship that just wasn’t working, the energy emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually invested […] … Continue reading When You Feel DONE. — ashley wright, therapist